In the Garden 2020


“Where did you plant the catnip?” by Debora Soulé

In the Garden welcomes spring! This multi-artist show features artwork inspired by and created for the garden. In the Garden opens February 13, 2020 during the February Artwalk from 5-8 PM and runs through March, 2020. Artists include:

  • Alisha Isaacson, Cheyenne
  • Christine Ginnity, Windsor, CO
  • Janice Lee, Cheyenne
  • Cal Fulfer, Worland
  • Barrie Lynn Bryant, Kirby
  • Robert Vore, Beulah
  • Mae Orm, Pinedale
  • RoseMarie London, Laramie
  • Phillippa Lack, Cheyenne
  • Richard Burke, Pinedale
  • Nanch Vejrostek, Cheyenne
  • Lynn Newman, Cheyenne
  • Rhonda Schmmeltzer, Worland
  • AB Word, Kirby
  • Cathe Sowin Puckett, Cheyenne
  • Ginnie Madsen, Laramie
  • Kevin Ramler, Cheyenne
  • Karyne Dunbar, Shell
  • Jon Madsen, Laramie

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