Summer Classes

We hope everyone is staying well.

If you are looking for credits for license renewal or for moving on the pay scale (or both!), we are offering two independent classes this summer. These are done on your own time, wherever you are. You decide what you will study and how you will do it. These classes are three credits, which is broken out as 40 hours of study, and 5 hours for writing your proposal, taking pictures and writing your final paper. These classes have been used for everything from in depth exploration of a specific glaze type to reacquainting or learning a new medium to just rediscovering your own artistic process.
You can take one or both classes, and you can take them again if you have taken them in the past. Both classes are approved for either PTSB or University of Wyoming graduate credit–your choice.

The registration forms are attached. If you have questions, please be in touch.

3D registration summer 2020

2D Registration 2020 summer

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