10 Year Mint Tin Show

In honor of Clay Paper Scissor’s 10 year anniversary, we invited artists to create a piece of art using a mint tin we provided. Forty artists returned work, some more than one. We are surprised and humbled and awed by the range of creative work returned by artists. 

The artists who participated included:

  • Eileen Adragna
  • Dianne Baldwin
  • Rita Basom
  • Angi Beauheim
  • Katy Brammer
  • Desiree Brothe
  • Jenny Dowd
  • Sam Dowd
  • Karyne Dunbar
  • Shari Figgins
  • Justine Gaspar
  • Abi Paytoe Gbayee
  • Cody Geran
  • Judy Gilmore
  • Linda Gregory
  • Kira Heater
  • Jean Irwin
  • Alisha Isaacson
  • Carol Jeanotilla
  • Connie Johns
  • Nita Kehoe
  • Jennie Kiessling
  • Phillippa Lack
  • Amelia Marlatt
  • Nancy Marlatt
  • Mona Monroe
  • Ron Morgan
  • Brittany Mosier
  • Anna Naig
  • Berta Newton
  • Mike Olsen
  • Do Palma
  • Win Ratz
  • Melanie Shovelski
  • Meggan Stordahl
  • Peggy Stumpf
  • Esther Trevino-Neaslony
  • Aimee Ringer Tuite
  • Gail Watford
  • Mary Fair Whitlatch

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