The Art Revival Auction

Don’t throw your artwork out with the bathwater! Do you have artwork that doesn’t suit your taste, touch your heart or work in your living space anymore? Perhaps you inherited some artwork that you don’t want to keep. Donate it to the Art Revival Auction! Proceeds from the sale of donated artwork will be given to arts education programming by the Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne, Cheyenne Little Theatre and Arts Cheyenne.

Here’s how it works:

  • Donate your artwork during the month of March at Clay Paper Scissors Gallery (see hours below). Artwork must be original. Any kind of original artwork will be accepted from paintings to sculpture to functional ceramics
  • Come bid on new-to-you artwork during the month of April
  • Attend the closing reception on April 21
  • Take home your new artwork, or pick it up on April 22. Unsold artwork can also be picked up

Manna: artwork by Sue Sommers

Sue Sommers, a Pinedale artist, brings us a layered project around the idea of Manna which includes four separate streams of related work. Sue is a multi-faceted artist who brings her talents to a variety of media; here she uses woodblock printmaking, painting, collage, and soft sculpture. Below she shares more about this project:

What Manna Means to Me

IN THE OLD TESTAMENT (Exodus, Chapter 16), manna was food sent by the god Yahweh to sustain his chosen people, the Israelites, during their 40 years in the desert.

In this project, empty vessels of various kinds testify to the cycle of dependence, fulfillment, and fear of abandonment that accompanies manna.

Empty vessels and empty hands can imply continuous refilling, or continuous loss. Purses without bottoms can accept wealth but not keep it. In Wyoming, our manna is minerals, and our covenant is a boom/bust economy.

Manna is on display February 3–March 25, 2022


Multi-media works by Jennie Kiessling

January 6, 2023—January 27, 2023. Reception is January 6 from 5-8 PM during the Artwalk. Jennie will be there to talk about her work!

Abstraction/Ancestors/Paintings has a companion show at the Laramie County Library, Abstraction/Ancestors/Altered Books, also opening January 6. There will be a tour and forum at the Library in the Willow room on Thursday, January 19 from 6–8 pm for participants to gain a new understanding of family history and art with artist Jennie Kiessling. This event will feature a discussion on ancestry and abstract art followed by a tour of Jennie’s exhibit in the library. You are encouraged to bring family artifacts such as letters or diaries as part of the discussion. 

Jennie Kiessling’s small works defy standard expectations of presentation and access for the viewer. She relies on the fragility of taped cardboard and ephemera from the early 1900’s as a substrate. The cultural symbolism in the work is the sinew of her ancestors and their continuous presence. At the same time the work recognizes the formal and spiritual history of geometric abstraction.

Formalities of abstraction and the intimacies of being raised as an Italian American, seemingly separate entities, are inextricably woven within the existence of the artist’s work. Ultimately, this expression strikes a universal chord. Kiessling is one of many individuals who have lived in and out of a culture of metaphor and mysticism while stumbling uncomfortably through life denying particular truths of that self. This action of denial is not deliberate; it is the result of layers of time that compartmentalize an original state of being that eventually oozes out of cracks in one’s daily life.

These gouache, graphite and taped works are intimate in order to draw the viewer in. Reminiscent of the structure of a prayer book, dedicated to orphans, made by her Grandfather; tape has its own geometry that is necessary within the work. Abstraction is used as a portal for the viewer to find a neutral space through which to enter the work.    

Below: Untitled Fragment by Jennie Kiessling   

Holiday Show, 2022

November is here, even if the weather continues to be gorgeously fall-like without much of the promised snow. It’s time for our annual Holiday Show! This year we are welcoming some new artists and bringing back some favorites. Artists participating come from Cheyenne, Laramie, Colorado, Oregon and Washington and include:

  • Ben Hesse
  • Sadie Winter
  • Philippa Lack
  • Nancy Marlatt
  • Glenda Haley
  • Russ Skinner
  • Jon Madsen
  • Gary Wehonig
  • Marianne Vinich
  • Ginnie Madsen
  • Eric Lee
  • Sadie Winter
  • Win Ratz
  • Bob Tucker
  • Andrijana Antinac
  • Jim Jereb
  • Sarah Konrad
  • Peter Meyer
  • Turyn McBride
  • Allison Pluda

The Holiday Show opens Friday November 4 during the Artwalk, from 5-8 PM and runs through December 31, 2022.

Eric Lee & Mike Olson

This fall, we are featuring studio artist Eric Lee’s collages alongside Mike Olson’s ceramics. Eric Lee grew up in Cheyenne and is a local favorite. He retired from teaching art in the district 2 years ago. His collages hang in many people’s homes in the area and beyond! They, along with Mike’s ceramics, are what I like to think of as “liveable” pieces of art. They are easy to live with–sized well, and interesting to look at in any room of the house, and a gift that keeps giving: every time the viewer sees one of these pieces, there’s always more to see, or something new. Eric will have a collage table out for people to participate in creating their own on September 2 during the Artwalk, when we will also welcome Bonamo to play music and the Art Haus.

Mike Olson grew up in Casper and returned there as Casper College’s ceramics professors, where he presides over a varied program that includes wood firing. His pieces are texture rich and a pleasure both visually and tactilely. He will be demonstrating and talking about his work at the October 7 Artwalk.

Pictured below: 3 bowls by Mike Olson; Taxi by Eric Lee

Rendezvous opens June 3

Clay Paper Scissors and Mystery Print Gallery are proud to present the 3rd Rendezvous, a juried exhibition of Wyoming art. Wyoming artists working in a variety of media and subject matter are invited to participate in this two-part exhibition showcasing the breadth of Wyoming’s artwork. The exhibition is split into two parts, and both parts are shown in Cheyenne and Pinedale. We had a wonderful response to the call for entries, and selection was a challenge given all the beautiful, thoughtful artwork being created around Wyoming.

The first part of the exhibition in Cheyenne will be from June 3–July 16, with an opening on June 3 from 5-8 PM during the Cheyenne Artwalk. The second part of the exhibition will come to Clay Paper Scissors in mid-July, opening on July 21 with a reception during the August 5 Artwalk, also from 5-8 PM. The exhibition includes artists from across the state. Artists in the June/July portion of the exhibition include:

  • Christopher Amend, Gillette
  • Cindy Aune, Cody
  • Barbara Bogart, Laramie
  • W. Lemen Bredehoft, Laramie
  • Joseph Cipro, Alpine
  • Jill Hartley, Rock Springs
  • Ben Hesse, Laramie
  • John Keeling, Centennial
  • Nita Kehoe, Riverton
  • Anna Lisa Naig, Cheyenne
  • James Overstreet, Cheyenne
  • Kevin Dean Ramler, Cheyenne
  • Rosie Ratigan, Lander
  • Amy Reed, Laramie
  • Michelle Visser, Laramie

Artists in the July-August part of the exhibition include:

  • Delsa Allen, Pinedale
  • Desiree Brothe, Cheyenne
  • Trista Coble, Pinedale
  • Susan Durfee, Alpine
  • Kathleen Frye, Laramie
  • Steve Knox, Cheyenne
  • Nancy Marlatt, Laramie
  • Susan Moldenhauer, Laramie
  • Mona Monroe, Alta
  • Paige Morgan, Laramie
  • Leah Nalley, Thayne
  • Mae Orm, Pinedale
  • Debora Soulé, Rock Springs
  • Shane Steiss, Green River
  • Branden Undeberg, Cody
  • Ali Womack, Cheyenne



Rendezvous is back! Rendezvous is a partnership between Clay Paper Scissors and Mystery Print Gallery in Pinedale, WY. Our goal is to showcase the very best of contemporary art made by Wyoming artists. We are open to all kinds of media and subject matter and encourage all Wyoming artists to apply!

Exhibition Timeline:

May 25: Artwork must arrive at galleries. It may arrive via mail or be delivered.

June 2 Pinedale/June 3 Cheyenne: Exhibit opens

Mid-July: during this week, the two shows will be taken down, switched and reinstalled.

July 21: Exhibit reopens in both locations

August 27: Close. Artwork will be shipped back or may be picked up by artist.


Threading Through Time

Life Force by Wendy Lemen Bredehoft, 2020, cotton/poly jacquard tapestry,
48 x 48 inches

Laramie artist Wendy Lemen Bredehoft brings us gorgeously colored, textured tapestries based on her pastel drawings and strappo prints. She sends these images to a company who weaves the tapestries, and then embellishes them by hand using a variety of embroidery techniques. Threading Through Time will be on display through March 2022.

This whole show begs to be touched! Between the fabric and the shapes of the pottery, tactile is the feel of this exhibit.

Joining the exhibit is Terry Kreuzer’s lovely raku. These forms beg to be touched, and the mix of classic raku with vintage objects is visually striking. These pieces make lovely gifts (however please note they are not recommended for anything liquid), perfect for graduation or Mother’s Day. The raku pieces will be up through the upcoming In the Garden show.

Ginger Jar by Terry Kreuzer. Raku with antique copper sterno lid.

Summer classes for teachers

Dreaming of Horses IV by (retired) teacher Lynn Newman

Clay Paper Scissors will offer independent study classes for teachers this summer. These classes allow teachers the opportunity to design their own learning to meet their personal interests and specific classroom needs. Classes this year may be taken for 1, 2 or 3 University of Wyoming or Professional Teaching Standards Board credits. Teachers develop their own learning and do it in the place and time convenient for them over the summer months. At the end of the summer, a short paper is due, along with documentation of learning. A phone number and email for questions are included on the registration information.

Classes this year are: