Studio Show


March 2017 features Clay Paper Scissors studio artists Eric Lee, Mark Vinich and Camellia El-Antably. We rarely show our own work in this way, usually putting out pieces here and there. We’ve had lots of questions about our own work, so we thought this month would be a nice time to showcase some of it.

Eric Lee’s work is new, a continued exploration of collages. This body features materials made to look old and like wood collaged together. The pieces exude the serenity of vintage materials that have withstood the test of time.

Mark Vinich has a mix of older and new work. The collages have been shown before, but remain fresh to the eye. He also contributed multiple pieces of fused glass work, a new media which he has been exploring over the past few years. These pieces explode with color and imagery.

Camellia El-Antably is also showing a mix of old and new work. The drawings continue to draw in viewers to look closer at the patterns to discern meaning. Camellia has recently resumed making books, and this show includes two newer books, as well as a finished copy of an older book started while in London.

This show is up for one month only. We will be open at least one weekend, and possibly more during March.

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