Opening Thursday January 12, 2017 is New Work: Mixed Media Assemblages by Terry Kreuzer. Born and raised in Cheyenne, Terry is an immensely talented and versatile artist who works in a wide variety of media. These new, large-scale pieces explore concepts of the mind such as the ego and ID utilizing a lot of found objects. The show includes a number of pieces which utilize Raku masks, either alone or as part of a larger piece.


Left: Eureka! Dreaming with a Splash. Mixed media assemblage of found/bought objects mounted on plywood panel with electrical lighting component: rusted & crumpled green metal siding, vintage linoleum tiles, ceramic plate, rusted pipe, galvanized anchor screw, screw clamp, dog toy, steel planter & sphere, drift wood, food masher handle mechanism, foil, Velcro, arrow sign w/bulbs, wood lettering, oil paint , bungee cord, sheet metal & cardboard signage. $5000 Approximately 71″ x 50″ x 17″

Center: Green Garden Spirit. Hand-built Raku clay w/copper luster glaze and grape vine twigs. $400. Approximately 10″ x 10″

Right:Broken Mind. Mixed media assemblage of found/bought objects mounted on plywood panel: Hand-built Raku clay mask (broken), Raku clay totem face, cow rib bones, crushed pop can, antique  can opener & curling iron, fossilized brain coral, plastic jewelry box, silk, asphalt shingle, sediment sandstone rock, colored pencil & pigment, steel and xeroxed art images. $1200. Approximately 35″ x 22″ 5″.


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