I Am Reading

In honor of American Craft Week, our new show includes potter by Dandee Pattee of Casper; jewelry by Kevin Heater currently of Fort Collins and originally from Cheyenne; and quilts by Cindy Paul of Cheyenne.

Dandee Pattee works in earthenware creating functional ware with whimsical cat and dog images glazed into the pieces. Kevin Heater creates finely wrought metal necklaces and rings from silver and semi-precious stones. The jewelry is at once simple and elegant, suitable for wearing in a wide range of situations. Cindy Paul’s quilts feature gorgeous fabrics embellished with appliqué, embroidery and other handwork. Ranging in size from wall hanging to table runner, the quilts include abstracts and pieces inspired by African history and tales.

The title of the show comes from the question that Cindy Paul is asked all the time: what are you doing while you are listening to audio books? Quilting, of course!

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