Manna: artwork by Sue Sommers

Sue Sommers, a Pinedale artist, brings us a layered project around the idea of Manna which includes four separate streams of related work. Sue is a multi-faceted artist who brings her talents to a variety of media; here she uses woodblock printmaking, painting, collage, and soft sculpture. Below she shares more about this project:

What Manna Means to Me

IN THE OLD TESTAMENT (Exodus, Chapter 16), manna was food sent by the god Yahweh to sustain his chosen people, the Israelites, during their 40 years in the desert.

In this project, empty vessels of various kinds testify to the cycle of dependence, fulfillment, and fear of abandonment that accompanies manna.

Empty vessels and empty hands can imply continuous refilling, or continuous loss. Purses without bottoms can accept wealth but not keep it. In Wyoming, our manna is minerals, and our covenant is a boom/bust economy.

Manna is on display February 3–March 25, 2022

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