In the Garden returns!

Each year, we bring back In the Garden, artwork inspired by and intended for use in the garden, whether the Garden of Eden, the landscape around us your backyard, or houseplants. This year we have some gorgeous pieces! It will be on display from May 5–June 24. We have increased our hours! We are open Wednesday-Saturday 11-3 now, and by request. Our showcase artist is Christine Ginnity with her gorgeous large colorful flower bowls using a style inspired by henna (one of them is pictured). We are also delighted to include the following:

  • Dowd House Studios (Jenny and Sam Dowd)
  • Jon Madsen
  • Sarah Konrad
  • Sadie Winter
  • Ginnie Madsen
  • Alisha Isaacson
  • Lynn Newman
  • Marianne Vinich
  • Eric Lee
  • Peter Meyer
  • Russ Skinner
  • Kevin Ramler
  • Anna Naig
  • Joy Keown

Pictured above: bowl by Christine Ginnity with artichoke cups by Sam Dowd; Fireflies (acrylic) by Eric Lee; painted garden tub by Mark Vinich; landscape by Jon Madsen.

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