Threading Through Time

Life Force by Wendy Lemen Bredehoft, 2020, cotton/poly jacquard tapestry,
48 x 48 inches

Laramie artist Wendy Lemen Bredehoft brings us gorgeously colored, textured tapestries based on her pastel drawings and strappo prints. She sends these images to a company who weaves the tapestries, and then embellishes them by hand using a variety of embroidery techniques. Threading Through Time will be on display through March 2022.

This whole show begs to be touched! Between the fabric and the shapes of the pottery, tactile is the feel of this exhibit.

Joining the exhibit is Terry Kreuzer’s lovely raku. These forms beg to be touched, and the mix of classic raku with vintage objects is visually striking. These pieces make lovely gifts (however please note they are not recommended for anything liquid), perfect for graduation or Mother’s Day. The raku pieces will be up through the upcoming In the Garden show.

Ginger Jar by Terry Kreuzer. Raku with antique copper sterno lid.

Summer classes for teachers

Dreaming of Horses IV by (retired) teacher Lynn Newman

Clay Paper Scissors will offer independent study classes for teachers this summer. These classes allow teachers the opportunity to design their own learning to meet their personal interests and specific classroom needs. Classes this year may be taken for 1, 2 or 3 University of Wyoming or Professional Teaching Standards Board credits. Teachers develop their own learning and do it in the place and time convenient for them over the summer months. At the end of the summer, a short paper is due, along with documentation of learning. A phone number and email for questions are included on the registration information.

Classes this year are:

The Holidays Are Here

It’s time for our annual Holiday Show. Each year, we gather up work from artists we have featured during the year, and other artists who join us just for this show, and create a show of artwork that makes wonderful gifts for your loved ones, friends and yourself. This year, more than 30 artists are included! The artwork includes jewelry, ceramics, paintings and prints, small sculptures, ornaments, fun odd items, wood boxes and trees and so much. Come see the wonderful variety! This show will be up through January.

Short Stories

Longing (ceramic, metal) by Jenny Dowd

Jenny Dowd’s Short Stories is a visual compilation of drawings and sculptures in ceramic and metal.  Each pieces tells a story, some whimsical, sometimes with a menacing edge, but always lighthearted. This show includes a collection of her Helpful Objects and Furniture Actors and each series comes with a short story. Come enjoy this lovely display of one artist’s interpretation of the world!

Jenny Dowd moved from Alpine, WY to NW Arkansas this summer with her husband Sam, also a ceramicist. They have both had functional work at Clay Paper Scissors in the past few years. Together they operate Dowd House Studios

Opens September 9 during the Cheyenne Artwalk from 5-8 PM. Our regular hours are Thursday–Saturday from 11-3. Short Stories will be up through October 30, 2022.

Peeping Neighbor (drawing) by Jenny Dowd

Barns and Bovine

Barns and Bovine features a new series by Cheyenne artist Steve Knox. “I had the idea for this series in the back of my mind and when I was offered the show, I decided to go with it.” Steve traveled around a large part of Wyoming looking at barns and photographing them for paintings with the goal of one barn painting per county in Wyoming. He also relied on friends and family to help him find barns in the counties he couldn’t get to with the demands of a full-time job teaching art and a growing family. The show included 24 paintings of barns, and was augmented by paintings of cows and bison. One of the things we enjoyed about this show was the variation in style on display. Steve used everything from very realistic to more painterly or almost impressionist styles to a very modernist style. The show included some pieces which were closeups of the beautiful ways barns weather. In addition, the gallery featured tumbled stone jewelry by Bob Tucker, also of Cheyenne, and pottery by multiple artists.

On display from July 8 through August 28, 2022.

Red barn in snow with a brand of a backwards L and an arrow pointing to the right on it.
Snowy Hayloft (Park County) by Steve Knox. Acrylic 24×30

Shoulders of Giants

Benchmark (C.M. Russell, 1824-1926) by David K. Klarén. Graphite on Arches Cover, 2011, 68 x 52.5″

Shoulders of Giants features large scale graphite works by Pinedale artist David K. Klarén. These large pieces seem to float on the wall, as they are unframed and the hanging system is invisible to the viewer. Based on iconic images from pre-history to the present, these images pay homage to the many influences on any artist. The exhibition includes some sculptural pieces, including one based on the Venus of Willendorf, carved from wood and covered in a shining layer of graphite. The Venus, and indeed all the artworks in the exhibition, is on a much larger scale than the original piece. Additionally, the original Venus is smooth, while Klarén’s version is gorgeously accented by the wood grain. This stunning show is a must see!

An image of the show on display with Venus (Willendorf, Austria, 23,000 BCE) in the foreground. Other sculptures behind and to the left, Saqqara Bird (Saqqara, Egypt, 2000 BCE) and Stargazer (Cycladic, 5000 BCE). Drawings include Essence (Deborah Butterfield 1999) and Document (Altamira, Spain 34,000 BCE). Both drawings are graphite on Arches Cover. All artwork by David K. Klarén. Sculptures are wood and graphite; drawings are graphite on Arches Cover.

Classes for 2021

We continue to offer classes to help arts teachers rejuvenate and hone their skills, or develop completely new ones. This year we are delighted to offer the opportunity to music and theater teachers as well. These classes can be taken for credit–either University of Wyoming graduate credit or Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board credits. Thus, classes can be used to renew licensure and/or move over on the payscale.

These classes are completely self-motivated and independent, can be done from anywhere and are time-flexible. Each participant chooses what they will study and writes a short proposal. They then study and create, and document their work. Finally, a short paper is submitted along with documentation of the work they have done. In the visual arts, classes have been used for everything from reacquainting oneself with clay and developing projects suitable for the elementary classroom to teaching oneself advanced glazing techniques. In 2-dimensional art, teachers have used them to enhance their watercolor skill, or develop a sketchbook process which is then used in the classroom, or learning a variety of printing techniques and figuring out how to adapt them to the classroom. Really, a teacher can do whatever takes their fancy. We are excited to see what music and theater teachers come up with! This would be a great way to develop some technical skills in theater, or perhaps to teach yourself about new music for use in the classroom from a more diverse group of composers.

Classes can be taken for either UW credit (3 credits; additional cost of $150) or 1, 2 or 3 PTSB credits.

Please see below for the registration forms, which also include syllabi.

In the Garden 2021

Hopeful Flowers 2 by Lynn Newman (16×24 oil)

After a year of pandemic, and the gray of winter, it’s time for flowers and the garden! Come enjoy this show of artwork inspired by and made for the garden. This show features a lot of items made with cloth. Bethany Birkemeyer dyes silk scarves with natural materials found in the environment. Cindy Paul creates quilts with themes from nature. Cathe Sowin uses scraps of fabric and leftover beads to create sculptures, jewelry and more. Another interesting addition to the show are Kathryn Bethna’s wrapped rocks. She selects them from rivers and wraps them, sometimes with other objects, to create objects both interesting to look at and touch. In addition, we have collages, prints, paintings, and pottery. Our featured artists are:

  • Cindy Paul
  • Mike Olson
  • Debora Soulé
  • Lynn Newman
  • Ginnie Madsen
  • Phillippa Lack
  • Eric Lee
  • Bethany Birkemeyer
  • Sarah Konrad
  • Kira Heater
  • Cathe Sowin Puckett
  • Russ Skinner
  • Kathryn Bethna
  • Christine Ginnity, Kickwheel Creative
  • Peter Meyer
  • Monking Bird Pottery

This exhibit continues through May 8, 2021. We will be open for Artwalks on March 11 and April 8 from 5-8, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 11-3, or by request.

Summer Class Update

Clay Paper Scissors is offering two new summer classes this year! We are offering independent study in music and theater for teachers or anyone else interested. Similar to our visual arts classes, these allow the student to design what it is they want to learn, submit a proposal, spend time learning and then document their learning. These classes are also three credits from either the Professional Teaching Standards Board or University of Wyoming. These classes make perfect socially distanced learning, as they can be done in the place of your choice, at the time of your choosing. They are very flexible and intended to allow teachers to truly build skills in areas where they feel they are lacking. These can be personal enrichment, or specific to teaching.

The classes we are offering this summer include:

2D Registration 2020 summer (Visual Arts)

3D registration summer 2020 (Visual Arts)

theater registration summer 2020

music registration summer 2020


Participants can take more than one, and can also take them multiple times. Classes are $200. PTSB credit is free; UW credit costs $150.

To register, mail or email the registration form. We accept checks, credit cards and school vouchers. To pay by credit card, call us.

Coronavirus Times

We have been closed since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. We are continuing to monitor the situation. At this time, we are open by appointment only. If you’d like to come in, we will be wearing masks, and encourage you to do so as well. We will also work with people electronically (through facetime or pictures) if you are looking for an item. Curbside pickup, and delivery in the Cheyenne area are also available. Our In the Garden show is still up at this time, so we have a wide variety of items available.

We appreciate your support of the arts.