Summer Class Update

Clay Paper Scissors is offering two new summer classes this year! We are offering independent study in music and theater for teachers or anyone else interested. Similar to our visual arts classes, these allow the student to design what it is they want to learn, submit a proposal, spend time learning and then document their learning. These classes are also three credits from either the Professional Teaching Standards Board or University of Wyoming. These classes make perfect socially distanced learning, as they can be done in the place of your choice, at the time of your choosing. They are very flexible and intended to allow teachers to truly build skills in areas where they feel they are lacking. These can be personal enrichment, or specific to teaching.

The classes we are offering this summer include:

2D Registration 2020 summer (Visual Arts)

3D registration summer 2020 (Visual Arts)

theater registration summer 2020

music registration summer 2020


Participants can take more than one, and can also take them multiple times. Classes are $200. PTSB credit is free; UW credit costs $150.

To register, mail or email the registration form. We accept checks, credit cards and school vouchers. To pay by credit card, call us.

Coronavirus Times

We have been closed since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. We are continuing to monitor the situation. At this time, we are open by appointment only. If you’d like to come in, we will be wearing masks, and encourage you to do so as well. We will also work with people electronically (through facetime or pictures) if you are looking for an item. Curbside pickup, and delivery in the Cheyenne area are also available. Our In the Garden show is still up at this time, so we have a wide variety of items available.

We appreciate your support of the arts.

Summer Classes

We hope everyone is staying well.

If you are looking for credits for license renewal or for moving on the pay scale (or both!), we are offering two independent classes this summer. These are done on your own time, wherever you are. You decide what you will study and how you will do it. These classes are three credits, which is broken out as 40 hours of study, and 5 hours for writing your proposal, taking pictures and writing your final paper. These classes have been used for everything from in depth exploration of a specific glaze type to reacquainting or learning a new medium to just rediscovering your own artistic process.
You can take one or both classes, and you can take them again if you have taken them in the past. Both classes are approved for either PTSB or University of Wyoming graduate credit–your choice.

The registration forms are attached. If you have questions, please be in touch.

3D registration summer 2020

2D Registration 2020 summer

In the Garden 2020


“Where did you plant the catnip?” by Debora Soulé

In the Garden welcomes spring! This multi-artist show features artwork inspired by and created for the garden. In the Garden opens February 13, 2020 during the February Artwalk from 5-8 PM and runs through March, 2020. Artists include:

  • Alisha Isaacson, Cheyenne
  • Christine Ginnity, Windsor, CO
  • Janice Lee, Cheyenne
  • Cal Fulfer, Worland
  • Barrie Lynn Bryant, Kirby
  • Robert Vore, Beulah
  • Mae Orm, Pinedale
  • RoseMarie London, Laramie
  • Phillippa Lack, Cheyenne
  • Richard Burke, Pinedale
  • Nanch Vejrostek, Cheyenne
  • Lynn Newman, Cheyenne
  • Rhonda Schmmeltzer, Worland
  • AB Word, Kirby
  • Cathe Sowin Puckett, Cheyenne
  • Ginnie Madsen, Laramie
  • Kevin Ramler, Cheyenne
  • Karyne Dunbar, Shell
  • Jon Madsen, Laramie

10 Year Mint Tin Show

In honor of Clay Paper Scissor’s 10 year anniversary, we invited artists to create a piece of art using a mint tin we provided. Forty artists returned work, some more than one. We are surprised and humbled and awed by the range of creative work returned by artists. 

The artists who participated included:

  • Eileen Adragna
  • Dianne Baldwin
  • Rita Basom
  • Angi Beauheim
  • Katy Brammer
  • Desiree Brothe
  • Jenny Dowd
  • Sam Dowd
  • Karyne Dunbar
  • Shari Figgins
  • Justine Gaspar
  • Abi Paytoe Gbayee
  • Cody Geran
  • Judy Gilmore
  • Linda Gregory
  • Kira Heater
  • Jean Irwin
  • Alisha Isaacson
  • Carol Jeanotilla
  • Connie Johns
  • Nita Kehoe
  • Jennie Kiessling
  • Phillippa Lack
  • Amelia Marlatt
  • Nancy Marlatt
  • Mona Monroe
  • Ron Morgan
  • Brittany Mosier
  • Anna Naig
  • Berta Newton
  • Mike Olsen
  • Do Palma
  • Win Ratz
  • Melanie Shovelski
  • Meggan Stordahl
  • Peggy Stumpf
  • Esther Trevino-Neaslony
  • Aimee Ringer Tuite
  • Gail Watford
  • Mary Fair Whitlatch

The Hidden Language of Horses: Interpretations of the Horse by 4 Contemporary Wyoming Artists

From John Giarrizzo’s quiet look at horses in their herds to Lynn Newman’s extravagant colors to the movement in every line of Mark Ritchie’s prints to David Klarén’s stylized scenes, this show has something for everyone!


John Giarrizzo, from a series titled Within the Herd (watercolor).

Klaren series cropped

David Klarén, from left to right: “Stallion” (oil on canvas); “Stallion” (oil on canvas and found ceramic object); “Two Flags” (oil on canvas).


Lynn Newman’s oil painting “Hidden Language Meeteetse WY”

Ritchie book cropped

“Running Lines” by Mark Ritchie (woodcut folded book)

Summer Classes for educators

We are offering two classes this summer. These classes are geared towards arts educators looking to get credit, but could also be used by other teachers interested in visual arts, including theater teachers looking to improve skills in the design aspects of theater.  Both are independent study classes–one in ceramics, the other in 2-D media. Both classes have been approved for 3 credits from either the  Professional Teaching Standards Board or the University of Wyoming. Classes are $200 each, plus the cost of UW credit if the student chooses that.

In both cases, the student will write a proposal detailing what they intend to learn and the methods they will use to learn it. Participants then spend 40 hours in independent learning. At the end of the period, they submit pictures of their work and a short paper about what was learned. Proposals have ranged wildly from getting reacquainted with clay and developing an elementary curriculum to exploration of a specific glaze type. If you aren’t sure your idea will work, please feel free to call or email us to talk about it prior to submitting your proposal. We are also open to unusual ideas, so call us if what you want to do doesn’t appear to fit exactly and let us help you!

The registration forms are here:

2D Registration 2019

Ceramics Registration 2019


Calls for Entry: Updated!


The 10 Year Mint show has been moved to September-October, 2019. If you are interested in participating, please contact us for tins! Tins are due by August 23, 2019. The information we send with the tin is as follows:

Clay Paper Scissors has been minted for 10 years now! To celebrate, we are inviting artists to create a new piece of artwork which uses a mint tin. You can do whatever you like to the tin: felt it, cut it, put something inside it, put it inside something else, scratch off the coating and put your own on, paint it…whatever your mind comes up with.

Send or deliver your finished piece by August 23, 2019 to:

 Clay Paper Scissors, 1513 Carey Ave, Cheyenne WY 82001 

Please include the following information:

your name, address, title of artwork (if titled), price (if for sale; our commission is 30%), media.

Questions: 307-631-6039 or

10 Year Mint will be on display from September—October.  It opens September 12 during the Artwalk from 5-8 PM. All are welcome to attend!


holiday show (1)


In the Garden

Flower Bed by Luke AndersonIt’s that time of year again, when we just need something to perk us up, keep us going through the doldrums of winter. This show brings that color and light! Art is a lovely way to remember that things are always changing, and we can be inspired year round by things that aren’t there all the time.

Our annual Garden show welcomes some new artists, and includes some returning artists. The full list is below:

  • Svetlana Howe, watercolor, Laramie
  • Luke Anderson, paintings, Laramie
  • Steven Heil, prints, Buffalo
  • Win Ratz, origami and painting, Cheyenne
  • Adam Helzer, pottery, Buffalo
  • Nita Kehoe, mixed media, Riverton
  • Alisha Isaacson, painting, Cheyenne
  • Lynn Newman, painting, Cheyenne
  • Melanie Shovelski, fiber art, Cheyenne
  • Susan Davis, photography, Cheyenne
  • Shanel Cass-Caskey, pottery, Fort Collins
  • Christina Hellyer, pottery, Fort Collins
  • Christine Ginnity, pottery, Windsor
  • Madeline Algier, Two Hawks Designs, jewelry, Cheyenne
  • Gail Shive, painting, Laramie
  • Beth Howard, photography and fiber, Cheyenne
  • Michele Ragaglia, pottery, Cheyenne

In addition, we are delighted to welcome artist Annalee Irani of Marigold Global Boutique, to offer henna during the March 14 Artwalk. This art form has been used to decorate skin and dye hair in the Middle East and India for centuries. Artists create beautiful designs using a paste, which dries on the skin. It lasts for up to several weeks, but eventually fades away. If you’ve never tried it, it’s a great way to see if you like having a part of your body decorated.

final (2)

2019 Calls for Entry

Clay Paper Scissors Gallery & Studio is offering 3 calls for entries this year!

Two are more traditional in style: our annual Garden and Holiday shows.

The third is our 10th anniversary celebration! We are calling it the 10 Year Mint. Artists are asked to incorporate a mint tin, which we will provide, into a piece of artwork.

Please see below for more information on each show and how to participate. Each show has information on when it will take place, how long it will be open and when work needs to be in Cheyenne. If you are accepted, you will also receive this information by email along with shipping information and how to prep your work for showing.

The annual In the Garden exhibit showcases artwork made for and about gardens. Held annually in the early spring, the show brightens the last months of snow and cold. Think widely about gardens! They can be wild or tame, imaginary or the one outside your door. Garden of Eden, or a park, or natures’s garden: wilderness. Artwork can be made to be used indoors or out, or just to delight the eye and spark the imagination. Abstraction welcome! Surprise us!

To enter, send an email with contact information and images of representative work to This exhibit takes place in March and April of 2019 and opens on March 14. Work would need to be in Cheyenne by March 1.

10 Year Mint!
It’s Clay Paper Scissors’ 10 year anniversary this year! Help us celebrate by creating a new piece of work that includes a mint tin, as pictured above. These small tins have sliding tops. You may do whatever you want to the tin, as long as it is included in some manner in the finished artwork. Use the tin any way you want: cover it up, add to it, erase the writing on it, use it to create texture…

Artwork will be displayed in the months of May and June and must be in Cheyenne by May 1 or sooner. The show opens Thursday May 9 during Artwalk.

To participate, send an email to with your address and we will mail you 2 tins along with an information sheet. The sooner you request tins, the sooner you can get started creating a piece!

Holiday Show
Each year in November and December we showcase artwork with an eye towards gifting. It has included everything from ornaments and cards to jewelry and pottery of all sizes to quilts and paintings and much in between. Our patrons come looking for the interesting and unusual.

To enter, please send an email to with holiday in the subject line. Include your name and contact information, and representative images of your work. This exhibit runs November and December and will open on November 14. If you are accepted, you will receive more information on when your work would need to be in Cheyenne.