Classes for 2021

We continue to offer classes to help arts teachers rejuvenate and hone their skills, or develop completely new ones. This year we are delighted to offer the opportunity to music and theater teachers as well. These classes can be taken for credit–either University of Wyoming graduate credit or Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board credits. Thus, classes can be used to renew licensure and/or move over on the payscale.

These classes are completely self-motivated and independent, can be done from anywhere and are time-flexible. Each participant chooses what they will study and writes a short proposal. They then study and create, and document their work. Finally, a short paper is submitted along with documentation of the work they have done. In the visual arts, classes have been used for everything from reacquainting oneself with clay and developing projects suitable for the elementary classroom to teaching oneself advanced glazing techniques. In 2-dimensional art, teachers have used them to enhance their watercolor skill, or develop a sketchbook process which is then used in the classroom, or learning a variety of printing techniques and figuring out how to adapt them to the classroom. Really, a teacher can do whatever takes their fancy. We are excited to see what music and theater teachers come up with! This would be a great way to develop some technical skills in theater, or perhaps to teach yourself about new music for use in the classroom from a more diverse group of composers.

Classes can be taken for either UW credit (3 credits; additional cost of $150) or 1, 2 or 3 PTSB credits.

Please see below for the registration forms, which also include syllabi.

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