In the Garden 2021

Hopeful Flowers 2 by Lynn Newman (16×24 oil)

After a year of pandemic, and the gray of winter, it’s time for flowers and the garden! Come enjoy this show of artwork inspired by and made for the garden. This show features a lot of items made with cloth. Bethany Birkemeyer dyes silk scarves with natural materials found in the environment. Cindy Paul creates quilts with themes from nature. Cathe Sowin uses scraps of fabric and leftover beads to create sculptures, jewelry and more. Another interesting addition to the show are Kathryn Bethna’s wrapped rocks. She selects them from rivers and wraps them, sometimes with other objects, to create objects both interesting to look at and touch. In addition, we have collages, prints, paintings, and pottery. Our featured artists are:

  • Cindy Paul
  • Mike Olson
  • Debora Soulé
  • Lynn Newman
  • Ginnie Madsen
  • Phillippa Lack
  • Eric Lee
  • Bethany Birkemeyer
  • Sarah Konrad
  • Kira Heater
  • Cathe Sowin Puckett
  • Russ Skinner
  • Kathryn Bethna
  • Christine Ginnity, Kickwheel Creative
  • Peter Meyer
  • Monking Bird Pottery

This exhibit continues through May 8, 2021. We will be open for Artwalks on March 11 and April 8 from 5-8, and on Fridays and Saturdays from 11-3, or by request.

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