Here, There, Everywhere…We’ve Been Around

We are currently featuring a watercolor show from the five artists of the Casper-based Scotch and Watercolor Society. Although they assure me that they prefer to drink wine, the paintings are full of light and color and done with skill and panache.

Skip Larcom chose winter landscapes close to home as his topic. His paintings depict the mystery of the landscape in winter, full of harsh shadows and stark color.

Hillside Shadows skip

“Hillside Shadows” by Skip Larcom, watercolor 28×36

Barbara Kuxhausen paints from her travels, both in and out of country. This painting is from a trip to Egypt spent exploring the antiquities. They took a cruise down the Nile and this boat was one she saw along the way.

Egyptian Watercraft kux

“Egyptian Watercraft” by Barbara Kuxhausen, watercolor 21×27

Barb Barella also travels and paints. This piece is from Ephesus, Turkey, suggesting the pieces of civilizations long gone and the thrill of archaeology.

Ephasus Barella

“Ephasus, Turkey” by Barb Barella, watercolor 21×27

Dave Sneesby paints subjects closer to home: deserted spaces and items left to become part of the landscape, as illustrated by this lovely little painting. It looks like it could be driven off, except for the brush and tires leaned up against it.

Brush Hog

“Brush Hog” by Dave Sneesby, watercolor 16×20

Michele McDonald loves to paint the beautiful places of the world, in this case Utah. She uses the paint softly to catch the myriad colors in the space.

Desert Arch at Sunset McDonald (1)

“Desert Arch at Sunset” by Michele McDonald, watercolor 23×31

This show will be up through May, 2017 and we’ll be open several times.

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