Summer Classes for Educators

Looking for credits for this summer but need some flexibility? Or maybe you can’t find the class that exactly meets your needs and interests. Look no further! The most flexible class you will ever take is available now! Take an independent study in the arts class. Offered in theater, music and visual arts (2D and 3D), you design your own learning. It can be something you need for teaching next year, or just an opportunity to explore your own interests. Maybe you want to learn a new musical style? Or techniques for making costumes quicker and easier? Never done raku? Want to play with colored pencils or pastels? Maybe you are teaching a new course and want to make sure you’re comfortable with the material. Or bored with your current projects and want to change it up! Need to practice technology with your art form? Try it on this class. Going on a trip, and want to make sure you sketch every day? Or listen to new music forms? Any of that, and more are options! For independent study classes, you develop your own goals and learning plan, and see where the creating takes you. Classes can be developed for 1, 2 or 3 credits either through the University of Wyoming (UW) or Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB). Complete the work during the summer at your convenience, in your own time, in the place that works for you. Want to include your kids? Fabulous! Make this class work for you. Just make sure to document it, and make that work for you to. Pictures on your phone, an online album, videos, it all works.

To register, select the class that works the best for you. You can sign up for one or two or all of them. If you are looking to make a push to get a lot of credits this summer, reach out for suggestions! Not sure your idea will fly? Email or call us to discuss.

Classes cost $100 for 1 credit, $150 for 2 credits and $200 for 3 credits. PTSB credits are free; UW credits are paid for separately and are $60/credit. We accept checks, school vouchers, cash and cards. To register, choose a form from below. Complete the form (or just type the information into an email) and send it in along with your proposal. You can mail or email these. We will get back to you with approval of your proposal, or suggestions for how to make it work better for the class.