Barns and Bovine

Barns and Bovine features a new series by Cheyenne artist Steve Knox. “I had the idea for this series in the back of my mind and when I was offered the show, I decided to go with it.” Steve traveled around a large part of Wyoming looking at barns and photographing them for paintings with the goal of one barn painting per county in Wyoming. He also relied on friends and family to help him find barns in the counties he couldn’t get to with the demands of a full-time job teaching art and a growing family. The show included 24 paintings of barns, and was augmented by paintings of cows and bison. One of the things we enjoyed about this show was the variation in style on display. Steve used everything from very realistic to more painterly or almost impressionist styles to a very modernist style. The show included some pieces which were closeups of the beautiful ways barns weather. In addition, the gallery featured tumbled stone jewelry by Bob Tucker, also of Cheyenne, and pottery by multiple artists.

On display from July 8 through August 28, 2022.

Red barn in snow with a brand of a backwards L and an arrow pointing to the right on it.
Snowy Hayloft (Park County) by Steve Knox. Acrylic 24×30

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