Summer Classes for educators

We are offering two classes this summer. These classes are geared towards arts educators looking to get credit, but could also be used by other teachers interested in visual arts, including theater teachers looking to improve skills in the design aspects of theater.  Both are independent study classes–one in ceramics, the other in 2-D media. Both classes have been approved for 3 credits from either the  Professional Teaching Standards Board or the University of Wyoming. Classes are $200 each, plus the cost of UW credit if the student chooses that.

In both cases, the student will write a proposal detailing what they intend to learn and the methods they will use to learn it. Participants then spend 40 hours in independent learning. At the end of the period, they submit pictures of their work and a short paper about what was learned. Proposals have ranged wildly from getting reacquainted with clay and developing an elementary curriculum to exploration of a specific glaze type. If you aren’t sure your idea will work, please feel free to call or email us to talk about it prior to submitting your proposal. We are also open to unusual ideas, so call us if what you want to do doesn’t appear to fit exactly and let us help you!

The registration forms are here:

2D Registration 2019

Ceramics Registration 2019


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