Worth a Thousand Words: Laramie Photographers

dreise boats beara peninsula Ireland

Boats on the Beara Peninsula, Ireland by Ken Driese

Laramie has a wonderful group of photographers! Eight are participating in Worth a Thousand Words: Laramie Photographers in February and March 2018. There’s a delightful variety of subject matter from landscapes near and far–Ken Driese contributed images from his travels, while Susan Davis, Allison Pluda and Doc Thissen concentrated on local landscapes. Susan Davis included two images from the eclipse last August. Allison makes images of the Snowy Range and the Milky Way. Doc Thissen has been doing a long-exposure project with the Lincoln Highway, including an image of the Plains here in Cheyenne.


Proprietor’s House at Como Bluffs by Doc Thissen

Susan Moldenhauer concentrates on the sky, with titles that refer to the events of the day the photo was taken. Dan Hayward creates composite panoramic images of the landscape.

Sherline Cement Kiln (1 of 1)

Cement Kiln by Edward Sherline

Edward Sherline creates compositions of industrial areas which he calls Thingscapes. RoseMarie London enjoys the action and drama of the rodeo

Complimenting the photographers is Carol McDonald’s mid-century modern ceramic houses. Streamlined and precise, these houses charm in their strict perfection.



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