Mark Ritchie: Prints


Above: Naturalized Grazer II, woodcut by Mark Ritchie.

Currently on exhibit now are prints by Mark Ritchie. Featuring horses, the work is by turns bold and delicate, using line that seems almost hastily sketched until, looking at it, it is obvious that every line is carefully chosen. Pieces range from large scale such as 4′ by 4′ and 6′ by 3’on fabric and tyvec to intimate looks. A highly versatile printmaker, Ritchie uses woodcuts and intaglio methods in these prints.

The exhibit will be up through March 2016. Openings will be February 11 and March 10 from 5-8 PM and other hours as advertised. We are always open by appointment, usually fairly quickly (same day); please call or email to arrange.

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