Short Stories

Longing (ceramic, metal) by Jenny Dowd

Jenny Dowd’s Short Stories is a visual compilation of drawings and sculptures in ceramic and metal.  Each pieces tells a story, some whimsical, sometimes with a menacing edge, but always lighthearted. This show includes a collection of her Helpful Objects and Furniture Actors and each series comes with a short story. Come enjoy this lovely display of one artist’s interpretation of the world!

Jenny Dowd moved from Alpine, WY to NW Arkansas this summer with her husband Sam, also a ceramicist. They have both had functional work at Clay Paper Scissors in the past few years. Together they operate Dowd House Studios

Opens September 9 during the Cheyenne Artwalk from 5-8 PM. Our regular hours are Thursday–Saturday from 11-3. Short Stories will be up through October 30, 2022.

Peeping Neighbor (drawing) by Jenny Dowd

Shoulders of Giants

Benchmark (C.M. Russell, 1824-1926) by David K. Klarén. Graphite on Arches Cover, 2011, 68 x 52.5″

Shoulders of Giants features large scale graphite works by Pinedale artist David K. Klarén. These large pieces seem to float on the wall, as they are unframed and the hanging system is invisible to the viewer. Based on iconic images from pre-history to the present, these images pay homage to the many influences on any artist. The exhibition includes some sculptural pieces, including one based on the Venus of Willendorf, carved from wood and covered in a shining layer of graphite. The Venus, and indeed all the artworks in the exhibition, is on a much larger scale than the original piece. Additionally, the original Venus is smooth, while Klarén’s version is gorgeously accented by the wood grain. This stunning show is a must see!

An image of the show on display with Venus (Willendorf, Austria, 23,000 BCE) in the foreground. Other sculptures behind and to the left, Saqqara Bird (Saqqara, Egypt, 2000 BCE) and Stargazer (Cycladic, 5000 BCE). Drawings include Essence (Deborah Butterfield 1999) and Document (Altamira, Spain 34,000 BCE). Both drawings are graphite on Arches Cover. All artwork by David K. Klarén. Sculptures are wood and graphite; drawings are graphite on Arches Cover.